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kolkata ff fatafat result today 14 December 2020

Good News! Today kolkata ff fatafat result has been released. Check here result of 14/12/2020. All the updated result will be published here as soon as result will release


Kolkata FF Fatafat result yesterday 13 december 2020


What Is Kollkata FF / Kolkata Fatafat ?

Still now, lots of people don’t know what is kolkata fatafat / kolkata ff. Many people became surprised after hereing the word kolkata ff. So, in one line Kolkata FF / Kolkata Fatafat is a populer game of west bengal which is only played inside kolkata.

Kolkata Fatafat / kolkata ff is a well known game which is played all over the West Bengal. More than one million people are engaged in this game. In many places of West Bengal, people play it with very eagerly. You can say it as a kolkata fatafat satta, and maximum rules of this game approx same of Satta Matka. Kolkata Fatafat / Kolkata FF has their own rule and its is applied only on kolkata. This game has different type of Bloom and different times for the result.

How To Play Kolkata FF or Kolkata Fatafat ?

Kolkata Fatafat / Kolkata ff has their own rules,

There has 10 numbers – 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9

And the players have to select one or multiple numbers and placed their bet to the bookies. After then the number and the amount will be written and a handwritten slip will be given to players for confirmation.

Anyone can check the result by visiting this site kolkatafflive.com . The result of kolkata fatafat / kolkata ff is same all over west bengal. After getting the result, if player win the game then they have to contact with the bookies as only they can pay the win amount.

Who Play kolkata FF / kolkata fatafat ?

Kolkata fatafat / kolkata ff is a game for all type of people. No matter he/she is rich or poor or anything elsc. But, mostly the middle class people play this game so that he/she can get some fun with it. General people of kolkata are mainly engaged with this game.B

Why People Love Kolkata Ff / Kolkata Fatafat Game ?

kolkata fatafat / kolkata ff players play this game often, as they get fun with it also they got a kind of freedom after winning the game. These players are too much eager, and they always wait for the upcoming result. If you want to play this game you can contact with those people who are engaged with it.In many area or locality you can find these people, who can help you to play this game.Also, they will guide you how to play or how to win the game.

Kolkata Fatafat / Kolkata ff Results Time

In this game there are 8 Bazi. And all the bazi is in different time. Here is the time table-

1st Bazi – 10:35 AM
2nd Bazi -12:05 PM
3rd Bazi 01:35 PM
4th Bazi 03:05 PM
5th Bazi 04:35 PM
6th Bazi 06:05 PM
7th Bazi 07:35 PM
8th Bazi 09:05 PM

How To Win Kolkata Fatafat / kolkata FF Game?

One of the most search question is how to win kolkata fatafat / kolkata ff game. But, be genuine there are some special tips to win the game, but those tips are not available on public domain. Also, there are some fake tips available on internet, but those are the only waste of time and money. So, the best way to win the game is increase your experience and strength. Players can take some tips with the old experienced players.

Where to play Kolkata Fatafat / Kolkata ff ?

Anyone can play this game in small big area within kolkata. In maximum area the local people can say where to go to play this game. And all the people from 18 to 70 years old, poor to rich can play this game in village or city.


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